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Smart Operation

Smart Operation

Smart Operation is the innovative operating concept for all Netstal machines with aXos controller technology. The new optional available feature supports you in achieving your effectiveness goals. Guided, fast and safe operation reduces downtimes and reliably prevents operating errors.

Explanatory Film

More safety and effectiveness in production

Your advantage: Higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative operating concept in the production environment: Guided and safe machine operation with Smart Buttons and Dashboard
  • High degree of customization: aXos offers maximum flexibility for programming process sequences
  • Applicable expert knowledge for all employees: Embedding of handling specifications in the machine (e.g. GMP)
  • Optionally available for all Netstal machines of the ELIOS and ELION series
  • Retrofitting of existing Netstal machines with aXos control possible